Heated toilets and underfloor heating

What sets us apart from our competition, apart from the amount of choice and expertise we offer, is our luxury range of bathrooms accessories and high-tech features. We’re ahead of the curve and have an impressive selection of innovative Japanese-style toilets, as well as underfloor heating from Thermosphere. Japanese-style toilets are stylish and sleek, offering a range of add-on features to make you feel cleaner and more comfortable, such as shower settings and ambient lights. They have become increasingly popular in the UK as a luxury feature of bathrooms that give you that little bit extra. Contact us to find out more about our Japanese toilets today. For our underfloor heating, we have partnered with Thermosphere as we were amazed at the quality and style of their flooring. Energy-efficient, their flooring keeps you feeling warm and toasty throughout winter and uses less electrical energy than you think. Better for the environment, it’s also better for your pocket.

Bathrooom Types

There are many bathroom Types which are following:

  1. Contemporary Style Bathroom.
  2. Eclectic Style Bathroom.
  3. Modern Style Bathroom.
  4. Traditional Style Bathroom.
  5. Asian Style Bathroom.
  6. Beach Style Bathroom.